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We start 2016 with a clean slate, no back orders, nothing backlogged, all orders shipped, including all high volume bulk. We even took the day off on Christmas Eve, but we did work on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year ’s Day. It is the price we pay… We actually thought our year was officially over as December rolled along, then one email later, it was like… “Dude, turn all the machines on…”

As mentioned on the page that lists all other Kydex makers, we focus more on production solutions, not just rolling Kydex anymore. We are making more things that have nothing to do with the tactical community at all. In the end, it really is all about what you can bank on.

Speaking of what to bank on; more makers, more cool designs, and some very exotic setups. Some we like, some are okay, a few have very good potential, some are – WTF??? Most appear to still be focused on innovation – or at least that is what they claim – but they are mostly into making products that look cool, out of the ordinary, or something along those lines.

Making something new that prospective customers may find interesting is good, it will sell a few at least, in the beginning anyways. That is innovation as defined by customers. Innovation for makers is beyond that, it is not just about making something new. It has to be commercially feasible – that means it can be produced in large quantities – cost efficient, so that more people can afford it. Even more important, if your product is functional enough, it may catch the eye of organizations that order in high volume.

From the gitgo, that was our focus, the ability to make these things in large quantities, maintaining quality, cost effectiveness, and ability to cover as many configurations as possible. I cannot stress cost efficiency enough – mind you, once you get involved with high volume orders, you could be looking at middle men that will be asking for anywhere from 30%-50% cut. You may think that is excessive, but once you see a contract that goes for hundreds of thousands of dollars, even more than that, you will have to start thinking. If you have all these contours and cuts, that makes it thirty minutes or longer to make one holster, your design will probably fail to make the cut! Just for that, just because you cannot deliver based on their defined time frame.

Our first big contract took more than a year of T&E. We did not even know that their order was for that purpose. They T&E everything – they told us anyway – that they can get their hands on, from all parts of the world. One day, we open an email and it has a purchase order for over 1200 items. We fulfilled that order in 90-120 days. Last year – 2015 – we filled an order of 3K holsters in just 60 days!!! YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK!!! Times in between, we cater to a few hundred or a few dozen here and there, but enough to keep us very, very busy – indeed!

Still we deliver in time… gone are the days when the owner told us, he would be inundated with orders that it seemed like he was destined to follow the same route that those that came before him ended up in. As they say, adversity brings opportunity. Our concept of innovation is in the process, internal to us, invisible to others… high speed low drag…

I am sure someone will shell out the cash for a holster with a naked chick emblazoned on it, but I doubt that an entire Tier 1 unit will buy 500 of them. Then there are some that put money on new products, which has generated quite a bit of traction in certain venues like the Shot Show. Marketing, that is all… Some of those may pan out, some may not. The Glock 41 for example was promising, but even Blue Gun has not sold too many molds for them. It is not that the platform is not popular, I am sure someone has data on how much inventory moves for that model. Not too many holsters was logged as moving for it though, the real reason - it shares dimensions with the 34.

So, 2016 is here nonetheless, all the furor of the refugee problem all over Europe, all the attacks, it paints a very dynamic tactical scenario ahead. It starts our year with a couple of bulk high volume orders. We wish everyone the best… we hope that whatever your plans are, your hedge, we hope you get some.