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Kydex Holster Makers

2015 is coming to an end… We look forward to 2016 rolling around. We have new designs in the work, while some old designs will be phased out. We are also looking forward to introducing our subsidiary – fermetode.com – which will have similar products, but at a much lower pricing point. This will be a culmination of lessons learned in production through the years. It will have a limited offering, but it will cover most of the more popular selections.

For this year, we have seen ourselves branching out to other products, most of which we don’t offer ourselves, or even acknowledge that we make them. We make them for other brands, and some of the products we have made this year have little or nothing to do with the tactical community.

This is shifting our focus more towards offering production solutions, not just centered on tactical gear wholesale or retail. We no longer focus primarily on Kydex. We have done some leather, a lot of Hypalon, and some nylon. None of which we are, at the moment, interested to offer as part of our own product line.

The list of makers continues to grow, but it ebbs and flows. Many of those in this list no longer exist, or don’t link to anything anymore. We will keep them on the list for now, for no other reason than we have little time to verify all of them.

For prospective makers reading this, let that be a caution – just because you can make Kydex holsters, does not mean you will do well in this industry. This is a very competitive and cut throat industry. Whatever plans you may have, weigh things carefully, some paths in this industry can generate a lot of revenue, some will do well initially, but not sustainable, others will be lackluster from the gitgo, while most are in fact, just a complete waste of time and effort.

This year, we saw the “bigger” entities consolidate, with more financing or bigger entities behind the scene, calling the shots. As usual, it shows that the trend in this industry will still be a path to injection molding. There is only so much money to be made in custom work in Kydex forming. Eventually, most will follow the same route and eventually transition to injection forming.

Just as consumers consider all kinds of options, makers should do the same. There will always be room for those that roll Kydex in their garage. Again, we would like to emphasize that you should forget about what everyone else is doing or saying, just worry about your own stuff. It won't be easy; we have seen lots of people fold.

Everybody has a gimmick, whatever anyone says, the bottom line is, they just want to sell you something, find your own gimmick…

The best gimmick of course, is that you make a really good quality product. The more endorsements from big personalities a product has, the more they spend on advertisements, the more chances that the product is in fact, JUST GOOD ENOUGH TO WORK! It is rarely the best, but people buy it anyway. Unless you want to spend that much money for others to say good things about what you make, then just make good stuff.

One truth remains, unless you just really enjoy making Kydex on the weekends, there is little money on real custom work. If someone asks you to find a mold for something, consider what returns you will have for that investment. They may tell you they will order this or that, if you spend money on a mold and have one order – you just lost money! Avoid the temptation to agree to make something unless you can actually make money on it. That is the purpose of being in business right?

Even for us, we have turned down countless requests from even our long time affiliates and partners to make things for them, unless we can see a potential for good returns. We turn down deals all the time, just because it does not feel right!

If you quit your “day job” after you have sold a dozen or so holsters and got good reviews, you are a FOOL! If you did not have a choice due to the current state of our economy, then we wish you luck! Otherwise, be cautious…

If you see some entities grow exponentially, be careful before trying to aspire to follow their route. They have their own path and you have yours. Don’t attempt to expand too fast, unless you have “just cause…”

For whatever it is worth, for our own reason, we follow our own path, our way, regardless of what market share anyone brags about, we are happy with what we have, where we are…

We wish everyone cheers for the holidays and the best of luck for the coming year…

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope that you come back again soon.








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