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  • Breacher's Package. This specific items utilizes the California Competition Works 6 round shot shell caddy. Color matching as depicted is available at extra charge.
  • Breacher's Package. If you have no need for shot shell, you can use the CCW shot shell caddy as an AR mag holder, as depicted. You can thank Bill at - demooner.com - for that brilliant idea.
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PSD Package


warningOut of stock

21 Days Lead Time

Pricing distinction for this product is based on the type of color pattern and size of magazine. We do not make distinction on thickness of material.

Please take note that the price reflected will change depending on your choice.

All pistol magazine holders are in doubles and are all basically the same size. The size difference is in the rifle magazine holders. For the most part, smaller carbine or pistol cartridge magazines will be smaller than full size main battle rifle cartridge magazines. However, the G36 factory magazine is about the same size as a .308 magazine, so it is classified under that category. The P90 magazine holder also requires more extensive work, so it is classified at a higher price.

You can opt to choose either a third pistol mag holder, which has to be the same type as the double setup, or a holder for a multi-tool, instead of a flashlight holder. You can scroll down to the bottom of the drop down and find that choice. This will not impact price.

If you want a different mag for the 3rd pistol mag holder - perhaps for your BUG (back-up gun), you have to define which magazine the 3rd one should be. It has to be one that we list. This has to be specified in the "comments" block.

You can also opt for a shotshell holder instead of a flashlight or 3rd pistol mag holder. This turns the product into what we call the "breacher's package". Most people that buy this model are 3 gun competitors. Currently, we only offer the California Competition Works shot shell holder. We will configure it for that, but you will have to buy the holder yourself and install it. You can also send us the holder and we will install it for you for free. In that respect, you an send us almost any shot shell holder of your preference and we will install it. Getting the package configured for the shot shell does not impact price, however, if you want color matching - especially for those that choose carbon fiber patterns or camouflage colors - there will be an additional $15 charge. Please take note that installation will be deemed simple. If there is some sort of contraption out there that we have not seen yet and requires a PHD to install, then we will probably add cost for the intallation. Please feel free to email us first and tell us what you are sending.

The default belt loop attachment for this product is a progressive belt loop, black 0.125" thickness. It is the same loop attachment as the optional progressive belt loop for the holsters. There are no other loop designed for use on the PSD Package. The loop attachment will allow the use of belts sizes 1.5", 1.75", and 2.0". The loop can also be adjusted for height of carry. By simply loosening the attachment screw (removal not necessary), you can slide the loops to adjust for desired height.


Our warranty policy is defined by Section 2-314 of the Uniform Commercial Code. This will cover any manufacturing defects at the time you receive our product. This does not cover specific personal preference of the consumer. We are not a custom maker, our products are semi-custom. There may be slight variations on the overall feel based on personal perspective of the customer. Please consult the Kydex T technical specification data for durability of the material used in this product line. These products are meant to be tools for hard use in tactical applications. The scenarios meant for these products to be used can be extreme and less than ideal; therefore, it is hard to define everything that could possibly affect the performance of these products in the scope of its “normal use”. Any specification outlined by the laboratory results conducted by Kydex LLC, may not apply to our product depending on how it is used and could impact normal durability. Our warranty will also not cover any problems such as those caused by abuse, misuse, ordinary wear, failure to follow directions, or improper maintenance.


Our products are made of handcrafted Kydex. There may be slight variations in each product during the molding and assembly process. The slight variations may sometimes result to differences in retention and overall feel based on the personal perspective of the customer. Each of them is subjected to our rigorous fit testing and final finishing, which allows us to produce high quality custom holsters, magazine holders, and other related gear, with similar retention and overall feel. All Kaluban Cloak products are custom handcrafted. As such, returns will only be accepted if there are manufacturing defects. Please inspect your item within 72 hours of receiving it. Let us know if you notice any problem. If you want to return the product for reasons other than manufacturing defects, return it in an unused condition. Returns without defects will be subjected to a 20% restocking fee. Refunds will only be calculated on the cost of the item/s. No part of the S&H cost is refundable. Once we received the item/s returned, we will inspect it, if it has been used or is damaged, we will inform you of our finding. At our discretion, we may ship it back to you, and a refund will not be issued.

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  1. Epic 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th May 2017

    Product is awesome and at gunsite this week have had a bunch of positive comments and system worked flawlessly. On the company...this company rocks. Quick response and went above and beyond.