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- 14 Days Lead Time

Price range for this product depends on color pattern and model of light and/or laser combination used.

All materials used in this product category will be in 0.08” thickness.

Price is $105 for supported platforms using supported lights.

For supported platforms using supported lasers/ light combination, the price is $115.

Colors that has carbon fiber pattern or camouflage, is additional $5. All carbon fiber and camouflage patterns are only on the outboard side. The inboard side color will use material of similar color, but of regular pattern.

Please take note that the price reflected will change depending on your choice.

Supported guns and light or laser combination in this category vary in size. Some guns will not allow the installation of certain models of lights and/or laser combinations. These choices will be reflected on the list in the drop down menu for each gun model. Even though certain lights or lasers will fit a gun, it may not be supported by us, due primarily to popularity. If return to investment for making a mold for that combination does not justify cost, we will not support the combination and it will not be listed. What you will see listed are combinations that we have made a lot of.

Please take note that we do not use the same methodology that most makers use. Our light carrier holster molds are dedicated. It is not something that we move the light around and the tubes that are used to allow the mold of a channel behind the light. This allows us to crank very high quality products with consistent repeatability in form, fit, and function. We use Blue Guns whenever possible - you guys can call John Ring, we buy a load of Blue Guns. However, they all go through rigid modifications to allow us to follow our design concepts. If necessary, we have CNC and 3D printers that we can use to make molds – if the cost is justified.

Some guns will require interface rails or add-on optional rails. The drop down menu list will specifically identify which model rails we support. For the most part, H&K USP and USP compacts are the models that require this interface or add-on rails. For this specific combination, we will support only GG&G or Surefire rails.

Streamlight TLR-3 and TLR-4 will also require the use of Streamlight optional rail for use on H&K USP and USP Compact models. We will not support TLR-3 and TLR-4 installed on GG&G or Surefire rails.

We will not support the use of GG&G or Surefire rail on a HK45C. The HK45C actually has very limited rail space, so only limited lights can be used.

We do not support any Surefire MR rails on any other gun, except on the USP and USP compact.

We do not support ANY aftermarket 1911 add-on rails. None of the holsters made for a 1911 with factory rail will properly fit any 1911 with aftermarket rail.

We will not support ANY other aftermarket add-on rails installed on any gun that came from the factory without rails.

We will only support original manufacturer recommendations. TLR models of Streamlight, recommends specific “keys” for used, on certain guns. Even the TLR-1 and TLR-2 has certain keys meant for specific weapons e.g. SW99, Beretta 90-two. TLR-1 and TLR-2 even has a specific key meant for 1913 rails, even though the default generic keys will work just fine. We will only support that combination. If you make expedient modifications on your own, we will take no responsibility if the platform will not properly fit. We have seen occasions when people would make modifications to the keys depending on the length of their own fingers. We WILL NOT account for that.

If you are using a Surefire product, we will not account for fit of the light or laser using the battery cover latch pin. That item is not necessary for use on pistols, because the battery latch cover is against the trigger guard and will not come loose. That pin should only be used if the light or laser is installed on a long gun! If you buy a Surefire X-series light, you will see that there are all kinds of stuff that comes in a small plastic bag. The box itself does not come with detailed info on what those items are meant for. Some of them are necessary for proper fit of the light on certain rails. For Surefire lights, there are two types of locking key devices. Some people swear by one or the other. We believe that the default installed lock is just fine. However, our holsters do account for either to be used and should fit okay. If you have a thick holster and the default latch keeps disengaging the light during the draw, Chances are, you bought the holster from an amateur. Please contact Surefire if you have any other questions regarding their setup.

For users of Viridian lights, we only support the Gen2 X5L. However, the C5L will fit just fine. Viridian lights have more lay way on placement of the light regardless of the rail dimensions. There is therefore a possibility that a user will configure the light installation as they wish. There are 3 holes that can be used to locate the attachment clamp screw. . The general rule we follow on this - and we also follow this rule on any other light made by other brands that we support - is to try to push the light assembly as close to the trigger guard as possible. After that, we make relief forms so that it will not matter whichever hole will be used to locate the attachment screw.

You will also see a similar configurability with Insight/L3 WL1AA and WL1AA Laser. In those models, the key that engages the rail recess can be moved. We will follow the same general rule of placement of the light as close to the trigger guard as possible. One note though, that very small hex key is quite soft and could be stripped easily. We recommend that you use caution in loosening or tightening them. Once you get the proper placement, stop messing with it. If you use any kind of Loctite on that screw, you could very likely strip it the next time you move it.

Lastly, we do not support any automatic activation upon draw or deactivation during a re-holster. Just like our philosophy about thumb or safety controls, we will make relief cuts or forms that will allow the user to put the levers or switches in any desired position and the holster itself will not move any of it for activation or deactivation. We will NOT entertain requests of that nature.

The default belt loop attachment for this product is pancake type, black 0.125” thickness. The slot where the belt threads through is 1.625”. That is 0.125” more than 1.5” and 0.125” less than 1.75”. This allows the use of both 1.5” and 1.75” belts.

This OWB loop attachment can be adjusted for cant. By simply loosening the attachment screw (removal not necessary), you can slide either loop attachment and adjust for desired angle of carry.

Other belt loop attachment options can be purchased under the miscellaneous category and accessories sub-category.


Our warranty policy is defined by Section 2-314 of the Uniform Commercial Code. This will cover any manufacturing defects at the time you receive our product. This does not cover specific personal preference of the consumer. We are not a custom maker, our products are semi-custom. There may be slight variations on the overall feel based on personal perspective of the customer. Please consult the Kydex T technical specification data for durability of the material used in this product line. These products are meant to be tools for hard use in tactical applications. The scenarios meant for these products to be used can be extreme and less than ideal; therefore, it is hard to define everything that could possibly affect the performance of these products in the scope of its “normal use”. Any specification outlined by the laboratory results conducted by Kydex LLC, may not apply to our product depending on how it is used and could impact normal durability. Our warranty will also not cover any problems such as those caused by abuse, misuse, ordinary wear, failure to follow directions, or improper maintenance.


Our products are made of handcrafted Kydex. There may be slight variations in each product during the molding and assembly process. The slight variations may sometimes result to differences in retention and overall feel based on the personal perspective of the customer. Each of them is subjected to our rigorous fit testing and final finishing, which allows us to produce high quality custom holsters, magazine holders, and other related gear, with similar retention and overall feel. All Kaluban Cloak products are custom handcrafted. As such, returns will only be accepted if there are manufacturing defects. Please inspect your item within 72 hours of receiving it. Let us know if you notice any problem. If you want to return the product for reasons other than manufacturing defects, return it in an unused condition. Returns without defects will be subjected to a 20% restocking fee. Refunds will only be calculated on the cost of the item/s. No part of the S&H cost is refundable. Once we received the item/s returned, we will inspect it, if it has been used or is damaged, we will inform you of our finding. At our discretion, we may ship it back to you, and a refund will not be issued.

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  1. TRP Operator (Full Rail) Review 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Mar 2018

    I stumbled across this company’s website and I decided to give them a try. I am glad that I did. The quality of the holster and the speed in which it arrived both exceeded my expectations. It is true that the holster is a tight fit, but I consider that ideal. I noticed several things upon setting up my weapon for the holster. The cant is adjustable, the belt loops which allow multiple widths of belt are also made of polymer instead of kydex (ideal), the footprint of the holster is compact (the same size of my last holster for the same pistol without a light), and it appears to be made for legitimate hard use. Due to the obscurity of my weapon and the desire to have a weapon-mounted-light type of holster, it was hard to find anyone who made this product. I am grateful that I discovered this company, as their product is top-notch.

  2. Great holster for SA Operator Full Rail 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Feb 2018

    After quite some time comparing the limited holster options for a SA Operator full rail with a surefire x400 ultra light I went with this unit. The holster is perfect, very compact for what it carries and the retention is just right. The fit and finish of this holster along with the spectacular customer service this company provides makes a easy choice in choosing future holsters and kydex gear.

  3. Excellent holster for full rail SA TRP Operator with light/laser 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th May 2017

    I recently purchased 2 sequential serial numbered SA 1911 TRP Operators with the full rails as a 50th birthday gift to myself. And I also purchased the Surefire X400 light/laser for each of them. That was the easy part and I live in the not so gun friendly state of California. I then started to do research on trying to find a quality holster for each of my rigs and purchased more than one recommended holster only to find it substandard. I accidentally came across the kcloakusa site and thought I would roll the dice one more time and try out their product. I liked the fact that this is a veteran owned company and try to buy American made when I can.

    I was not disappointed! I received my holster within a week or so and it fit my combo like a glove. It sits nice on the hip and looks great and although I have only used it a few times, appears to be very well made.

    I should add that I am a left handed shooter which makes it ever harder to find quality holsters and these guys came through 100%. I will most definitely be buying additional holsters from these guys for my other guns.

    Congrats guys on putting out a quality product at a good price and having excellent service!

  4. Does the job 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Nov 2016

    Excellent fit. Just needs breaking in. Wish I could attach a paddle to it.

  5. Sick holster!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Oct 2015

    I purchased this holster for my 1911 TRP Operator with the full rail with the STREAMLIGHT TLR-2. I had a hard time finding a holster for the full rail TRP with my light and tried both Raven and Bravo Concealment but they didn't carry it. The holster arrived in 8 days which is just amazing in itself. It fits perfectly, looks great and appears to be well made. I also ordered the multicam like the other reviewer and am very happy with it. Additionally, their customer service was great and responded to my questions within a day. I am definitely ordering more holsters/accessories from them.

  6. This is the Best 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Nov 2014

    I bought this for the new Armscor 1911 with the full length rail. It looks exactly like the Springfield full rail 1911. I requested room room for my threaded barrel, suppressor height sights, and my TLR-1. I chose multicam and believe me it's worth it. It arrived a couple of days late due to UPS but it was worth the wait. I have bought Bravo Concealment and Ravens Concealment in the past. These are by far the best holsters I have ever bought. They have new life customer in me.

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